Cashless ATM

Cashless ATM meets all the expectations of customers from ATMs and self-service banking services, except for cash payments. This means that you can have all non-cash services such as money transfers, bill payments, balances, recharge purchases, etc. Do it as easily as possible with this device.

This device will play a significant role in reducing the traffic of ATMs, and due to the flexibility of this device in the field of software, various operations can be easily programmed and executed as needed for specific locations.



The position of non-cash kiosks in the banking industry

Statistics show that more than 60% of ATM transactions are for services other than cash withdrawals; That is, things such as money transfers, receiving account balances, paying bills, paying facility installments, viewing the last few rounds of the account, buying mobile phone recharges, special organizational payments, and so on.

One of the clever uses of a non-cash ATM is to use it alongside an ATM. This allows you to easily manage the front line of the ATM and direct other customers to use the non-cash ATM during busy times when demand for cash is high. By doing so, not only will customers be more satisfied, but they will also be able to retain customers and prevent the loss of non-cash accelerated fees on ATMs. In addition, due to their small size, easy installation, and inexpensive non-cash ATMs, they can also be installed in small complexes.


The main function of a non-cash kiosk

Providing non-cash banking services (internal and accelerated money transfers, card services, cardless services and billing)
Providing payment services (bill payment, recharge purchase, card recharge, etc.)
Providing value-added services (barcode reader, ticket card and ticket services for restaurants, shopping malls, art centers, metro, transportation network, etc.)
Payment of facilities with internal cards and acceleration for facilities
Providing contactless services and supporting its transactions

Advantages of Kashles device

Proper speed in providing customer service
Non-cash transaction volume queue management of branches
Easy installation and handling, very reasonable price
Simplicity, security and user-friendliness of the system
Support for barcodes, Mayfair cards and magnets
Possibility of biometric authentication (fingerprint)
Providing banking services 24 hours a day
Ability to customize services for different businesses
Simple installation and commissioning in commercial, office and residential centers
Smaller size than ATM


Negin Ertebat Asia is proud to be the first company to actually produce this product in the country, with an official license from the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade, to produce world-class products that are fully compatible with the country's banking system and to take a big step towards digital banking. The company has the ability to design and customize for various institutions and organizations, and the entire production process, assembly, software, final testing and product support services have been proudly done by the youth of this region.