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Negin Asia Communication Group was established in 2012 to work in the field of providing new payment services and has gone through many ups and downs of growth in this field in order to gain experience and serve the country's progress with the help of managers and technical and marketing experts. Our committed and expert managers, recognizing the needs of customers and providing optimal services, are based on the latest technology in their field of activity. At present, this complex includes 3 separate units of provincial management, marketing and support, which by collecting these sections under the same name, tries to provide full services to government organizations and institutions, natural and legal persons. Special services available: Special software and special portals Set up point-to-point communication Launching a national wireless network (dedicated) Setting up wireless internet with a maximum bandwidth of 150 mg Industrial design (before production) Produce the hardware and software that you dream of Factory intelligence Web kiosk production Cash production Production of the first sample (inventors) Setting up an integrated telephone system (voip) Setting up an integrated telephone system for telecommuting It is worth mentioning that the ATM services of Negin Ertebat Asia are monopolized by Kowsar Institute (affiliated to Sepah Bank).

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Negin Ertebat Asia Company is a provider of modern banking services

Cashless ATM

Cashless ATM

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